More flights to and from Milan with AIR FRANCE and KLM

Connecting Paris and Amsterdam with 2 airports in Milan

From 26 March 2017, AIR FRANCE and KLM will resume flights to and from Milan-Malpensa, providing a smooth connection to and from 207 destinations worldwide. Malpensa will be the 9th Italian airport connecting Italy to Paris and Amsterdam.
  • AIR FRANCE will operate 5 daily flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Milan-Malpensa and 2 flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Milan-Linate
  • KLM will operate 4 daily flights between Amsterdam-Schiphol and Milan-Malpensa and 1 flight between Amsterdam-Schiphol and Milan-Linate
This spring, discover the magnificence of Milan’s architecture, traditional and modern couture collections and world-class art galleries!
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