Discover the magic of Paris with our local partners

Special promotions to enjoy and contests to win

Discover the magic of Paris with our local partners
Discover the magic of Paris with our local partners Icon
Paris has many hidden gems only known by a few lucky locals. As a Flying Blue member, you can be part of the in-crowd and discover the charms of Paris with these special promotions:
  • 4 roues sous 1 parapluie: Take a tour through Paris in a convertible 2CV, admiring the city through the open roof under the guidance of a cultured driver. Post your best pictures on the 4 Roues sous 1 parapluie Facebook page before 15 September 2017 to participate in the photo contest. If your picture has the most likes, you’ll win 10,000 Miles!

  • Paris Charms & Secrets: Uncover Paris’ unknown places and secret stories with a guided electric bike tour and post your photos on the Paris Charms & Secrets Facebook page before 30 October 2017. The 10 pictures with the most likes will win a special tour for 2 this winter.

  • Green River Cruises: Enjoy the city from a different angle and go on a luxury 1 or 2-hour cruise on the river Seine with your friends and family (max. 8 persons). Green River Cruises also offers 2 complementary bottles of white wine during your cruise. Can it get any better?
By car, bike or boat – how are you going to explore Paris?


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