All about Flying Blue Miles

What you need to know about Miles

Every loyalty programme rewards its members with a certain type of points. At Flying Blue, we call them `Miles` – just as the miles that are used to determine the distance between two places. So, the further or more often you fly, the more Miles you will earn.

Flying Blue takes you further

To reward our members as much as possible, it is not just how far or how frequently you travel that determines how quickly your Miles balance grows. The number of Award Miles you earn for a flight also depends on your travel class and ticket fare. What`s more, all our Elite members also earn a special Elite bonus, giving even more Miles per flight.

Some examples:

Flight You earn
Lowest eligible fare in Economy Class from Paris to Prague - Ivory member (one way) 150 Level Miles and 150 Award Miles
Full-flex ticket in Business Class from Amsterdam to New York - Gold member (one way) 4,548 Level Miles and 7,278 Award Miles

Two types of Miles

Flying Blue lets you earn two types of Miles: Level Miles and Award Miles.

Award Miles Level Miles
Award Miles are the currency in the Flying Blue programme. They can be earned and spent with AIR FRANCE, KLM and many of our Flying Blue partners – both in the air and on the ground. Level Miles can be earned by travelling on qualifying flights with AIR FRANCE, KLM or one of our SkyTeam partners and when you use your Gold or Platinum card to pay for your AIR FRANCE or KLM flights. Level Miles bring you to a higher membership level, giving you access to an ever-growing world of exclusive benefits. As soon as you qualify for a higher membership level, you will receive a new membership card.
Your Award Miles will never expire if you take a qualifying flight at least once every 2 years.

Every calendar year, on 31 December, the annual level check takes place to see if you can maintain your current membership level for the next year or whether your level will need to be downgraded. For Ivory members, the balance of Level Miles is then also reset to zero. Silver, Gold and Platinum members enjoy the benefit of our Carry over Level Miles option, which allows you to carry all the Level Miles earned above the membership threshold over to the following year. That way, your Miles balance doesn’t start at zero on 1 January, but kicks off to a good start!
Award Miles can also be bought or gifted – the perfect solution if just a few extra Miles are needed for your dream award. Level Miles cannot be bought or gifted.

Manage your Miles

With your personal Flying Blue number and PIN code, you can access your personal Miles overview to check how many Miles are waiting for you to be spent. Have you earned Miles that are missing from your overview? You can just claim them yourself online or by using one of the forms.

Use your Award Miles to book a flight

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